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(new message as of 6/11/03)

A long time ago, I spent a lot of time in a chat room called "Quick Chat Cafe".     I made a lot of friends there, but was also doing writing other than "brb - need coffee"....*grin*     As a result, I have a book that has been published and another in the works.     Between a full time job and my "other job" (taking care of a house, husband, two kids, a dog, and a cat), I'm not quite as prolific a writer as Stephen King, but hope to be able to quit the "outside of the house" job in the future to do more writing of novels - like maybe in 6 more years when there aren't any more kids at home to support......*grin*

(update "Star Wars day" 2012 - May the Fourth Be With You - still writing, but even with just one child still at home and no pets, it's still interesting finding time.....)

If you follow the next four links, the Prologue and first three chapters of the first book, "Night of the Tiger", are presented.     Please understand that the complete work will not be published here (I don't have that much space with Tripod and I HAVE THE BOOK FOR SALE!....*smile*).

Please respect the fact that this is COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, and any use of this material without my express permission (with the exception of quotes for the purpose of reviews) WILL result in legal action.     (Sorry, but you know how it goes... the legal jargon has to be included so we all understand each other, and especially for those, like a recently found web site, that had the whole story available for free on the internet. My publisher and I are TRYING to make some money on sales, so please DON'T think I'm not going to notice you giving it away...*smile*)

(Addendum 3/28/13: Since someone else decided if I could post this, they could post the whole book, I WROTE THIS BOOK. IT'S MINE. MY OWN....MY PRESCIOUSSSS....
Oh, wait....that's Smeagol/Gollum, not Galadriel......)

As always, I appreciate your comments, good and bad, in either my email or my guestbook.    Blessed be!

"The Night of the Tiger - Prologue":  A little history to set the mood...

"Book One - Tanya -   Chapter One":  Say hello to the "hero"...

"Chapter Two":  A visit to someone we may know...

"Chapter Three":  Boy meets girl?...

New July 2013: I've learned how to do book video trailers, so here's a quick intro if you don't have the time to read:

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For those who wish to follow the tale from manuscript to current day, here's the steps I took in chronological order:

9/18/99 - After numerous rejection slips from "the big publishers", a friend in Bangor makes a suggestion.     As a result, the complete manuscript is submitted to EBooks On The Net, is accepted, and contracts signed.     THANK YOU, TERI!!!!

12/99 - The book appears on EBooks's site with the following cover.

design by Fanny Glass

5/00 - I work with a printer in Denmark, Maine to get a "hold it in your hands" version of the book.     Since we can't get the Fanny Glass cover to a 5x8 size without pixilating, I do a quick, very rough new cover:

9/13/00 - The pages are printed and the printer is working on the cover while I do a final edit.

9/28/00 - The printer informs me that the books are done.      I collect the books on 10/10/00 and begin distributing to those who have placed orders for the limited edition (200 - hand numbered and personally autographed, if the buyer wishes) hard cover copies.

5/10/03: Ebooks on the Net changes hands, so I take the opportunity to re-edit the book and take advantage of some "extras" they offer - like a new cover (see below) and a (pending) Print On Demand availability for those who want the bookshelf style book - with both electronic and hard copies complete with a brand new dedication and an ISBN number.

The new cover art by Maggie Dix from Write Words, Inc. - the new owners of Ebooks

6/10/03: The new, revised edition of the ebook is back up and available for purchase at Ebooks for $6.50 for the HTML or PDF version. Due to typos and printing errors that were missed prior to previous sales, I have chosen to stop offering the paperback version. I'm working on a deal with Ebooks to do a Print On Demand (POD) version, but it's not a solid deal yet. I'll keep you posted on when it becomes a reality.

7/13/07: IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED! I GOT THE CONTRACT FOR THE POD VERSION YESTERDAY (which I promptly signed and will put back into the mailbox this morning, natch)!! Watch this space for the official "You can buy it now" announcement!!
[Doing a happy dance and wearing an ear-to-ear smile! hehe]

2/18/08: YOU CAN BUY IT NOW!! (finally...lol)
After the original contract getting lost in the mail, a re-edit of the whole book stem to stern, advanced copies getting put up on Amazon before the final corrections were in, and a plethora of other minor gaffs, the paperback is officially due for release this Friday, 2/22, according to the publisher. I've been promised that the book will appear at the official Cambridge Books site by Wednesday (2/20), and pre-release sales are being taken by both Arline at Ebooks on the Net/Write Words Inc and Amazon (see new Amazon link as of April 2013 below). Please let me know if you have any problems so I can get them corrected!!

NEW JANUARY 2012: The prologue to the planned sequel, tentatively titled "The Tiger's Cub"

New April 2012: I found a wallpaper at www.cute-wallpaper.com to use as my background. The original is stunning, but I had to "back out the color" for this web site....(which I liked so much after looking at it, I added it to ALL the pages pertaining to this story to "tie them all together" - including the sequels)

4/5/13: A new direct link to Amazon to make it easier for you to find my books - or others you might like:

5/17/13: After many years of talking about getting a tattoo, a random comment from a good friend about my getting a tiger put on me because I "tamed the tiger" through my books, I came across this tattoo that really touched something within me. While I'm getting the pricing and saving up the money, this will have to serve as the view of the tattoo, which I intend on having done on my left shoulder. I'll post the pic of it on me when it's done and healed up (because I HATE those photos of the "brand new tatt" that is all red and angry looking in the background.....)

6/5/13: The tattoo has been completed and this is the photograph (taken by my daughter) 48 hours post completion. The tattoo artist I chose was phenomenal and it wasn't as red and angry as those I've seen before. This photo shows the beautiful tiger (for Teresanna) with seafoam green eyes (for Kyle and Chase). For anyone in the Portland, Maine area, I recommend Til Death Tattoo.

UPDATE ON THE TIGER'S CUB 6/10/13: Since I've been inundated with questions, whether in writing in private messages and email, or verbally when talking to friends and family, involving the release date for "The Tiger's Cub", here's the public scoop: I don't have a release date yet!

The manuscript and cover art have been submitted, but the publisher has had other things going on in her life, so I'm waiting along with the rest of you. As soon as I have a date, I will post it like I've posted this message - on every space where I "live" on the internet! Thank you for your patience, and in the meantime, I truly appreciate the word-of-mouth advertising, since my attempt to get an advertising budget was unsuccessful.

UPDATE PART DEUX: The date I have been given for the release of the paperback is November 1st! Christmas presents, anyone?

The cover of "The Tiger's Cub", which will appear on Amazon and Write Words Inc as soon as it's available to order.
With a MULTITUDE of thanks to Photographer JODIE BURKETT for helping get this cover together!!!

Trying a new technique for "free advertising", I present a book video trailer to introduce "The Tiger's Cub":

September 1, 2013: This web address and thumbnail are up for "The Tiger's Cub"

I guess it's real! We're releasing the sequel to this tale!

Update 3/19/14: While doing a web search to see where "Night of the Tiger" is currently being offered by Amazon on the heels of the news that Barnes & Noble are expanding Nook distribution, I came across this on a web site: "FREE BOOKS [PDF] The Night of the Tiger pdf pdf8998.kctzbooks.com/the-night-of-the-tiger-PDF-22002471.pdf Debi Emmons - "Night of the Tiger". "Night of the Tiger" has been on the internet since 1999 as an ebook, first at ebooksonthe.net ..." Following the link, it brings one to a site from Miami, Florida offering the book for free.....and the pirates doing this even had the gall to steal the description from my Facebook Fan Page to draw people in, thinking they are going someplace I sanctioned..... Please note: I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THESE PEOPLE, WHO LOOK LIKE THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO GET YOU TO PUT IN YOUR CREDIT CARD 'for confirmation of identity". It is being looked into by Internet Crimes.

NEW MAY 1, 2015: The Universe seems to be hinting that I need a different possibility for Kyle Benton for the Northern Bard Publications version of this book. I started talking the new cover with the art director, have been taking photos when doing what I call "Bug Out Days" (meaning I just take off and drive off into the country in search of the kind of scenery I described on the off chance I can find the background shot for the cover), and have been trying to come up with funding for another model shoot for the new cover, since the Northern Bard covers for The Tiger's Cub and A Wild Tiger's Heart have had such great feedback...

This is one of the models who has been all over my Facebook News Feed lately, a 6'7" fellow who matches all the other descriptions for Kyle Benton - and whom I could easily portray Teresanna next to, as he's an almost solid foot taller than me, just as Kyle is a foot taller than Teresanna.....

May I introduce Brock O'Hurn in a photo I found on THIS web site:

November 7, 2015: We're having some trouble making the font on the back of the book "pop" against the fall colors in the background, but we're still looking very good for a release before Thanksgiving of the Northern Bard Publications version, which we've titled "Night of the Tiger: The Author's Cut" to indicate there are some differences that have happened. I'll tie in a link here as soon as we're up and running, and there will be a "Christmas Three-some Special" for any who are interested of all three Northern Bard editions. Thank you for your patience!

November 14, 2015: What a difference a week makes! We've fixed the font problem from last week, we finished all the interior corrections, and we've had everything checked by the printer. A proof copy of the paperback is on it's way to be checked one final time and all the "t's" are being crossed and "i's" are being dotted to make sure that, when it hits Amazon, we'll be able to offer the "boxed set" (all three books in the current trilogy) for the price of two. So here is the cover, and thank you for all your feedback on Facebook!

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